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Listen: "Some Breaking news out of the NFL on Saturday Steelers wideout Martavis Bryant facing a year long suspension"

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You know these with an ace he said for me price was looking forward to it we're going to do it not only have one no I don't but that title with them now Playing and some are coming to giving him out breaks thank you guys like that now games we gave him one thousand some of the game Kentucky and Texas in an Sunday the FCC tunnel sports and are all night ESPN Radio in the ESPN out some Breaking news out of the NFL on Saturday Steelers wideout Mike Davis Bryant facing a year long suspension from the league is aging confirmed the news says the wideout plans to appeal a source told ESPN The suspension is related to the NFL drug testing policy another one of Bryant's agents told USA Today the Steelers biting depression and plans to enter rehab on Sunday with more ESPN NFL Nation Steelers reporter Jeremy Fowler this is a lot Kevin The Browns to stay with Josh Gordon that's so much Duncan well intention seemed like a really nice kid you know and and some extent another night kid part but you wanna like him is not pointer lotta guys like that but you you know there's something that thing and you know there's probably trouble lurking him out of the gate Bryant I mean everybody wants to rally around the men and women of mom moved to Pittsburgh the Heat tabs on you know even me want to agree with noted counselor John Lucas I used in that semin help people maybe that life and in the Pittsburgh area not really he made thirteen people but Monday out that employing thirty-eight given back to the mound and now really got to the line probably going to rehab line served a four game suspension last year for violating the league's substance abuse policy after returning from the Bangkok fifty passes seven or does sixty-five yards and six touchdowns over eleven games and Chris Mauti.