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When Those Supposed To Help You, Harm You - Dr. S. Atyia Martin Explains

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there is this concept of the trail trauma in its when you go to an organization are person who was supposed to be a authority and there to help you and your harmed instead of how it's The another level of tromba that generally creates the types of outcomes that we see on the other end in communities where folk someone engage with systems that not wanting gauge with government because of a few of previous harm that is happening in some cases ongoing hard, and so what we have to wrecking we have to first recognize that and arm in that if the onus is on us to build the types of relationships in community, on an partnerships, that helpless move forward in a more collaborative way, I'm so that residents in our committee partners can see that where we care about the, they're perceptions as well as they're expertise on their own neighborhoods, [Music] and that we, I'm value, what they bring to the table and in fact we will continue to partner with them and after culture shift that on my thing government in general kind of nice to make any institution actually engage is in communities, we have some pockets of excellence that happen in government as well as and some of the non profit in private sector and tation but for the most part, big picture, we have a lot of work to do in that area and so I think, in terms of community making sure that they understand that that's the intent, is that recognizing that they're wrong side of undying, [Music] because you can't afford unless he acknowledged of things, on and then working with communities to really understand what they're fresh read about not making assumptions about what that is, and really working together to look out how can we partner recognizing on the other in that government is restricted and some lanes