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Listen: came in the main event is hours away but there was plenty

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Matt Sullivan
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Here's our latest sports update and here's Kevin Sports Flash came in the main event is hours away but there was plenty of ball action on a wins day Wisconsin took down US see in the final game of the night twenty-three 21 in the holiday Ball in San Diego the batter's earning their first ball win under first year head coach Paul Crist earlier Louisville that lasted Texas say them 27 21 in the Music City ball off by Memphis thirty wanted 10 in the Birmingham ball and at the Bell Paul Mississippi State blew out NC State 51 twenty-eight the college football playoff now less than twelve hours away Bob's tubes a number four Oklahoma taking part for the first time they play top seed Clemson appeal orange ball there's just the sense of anticipation that there's some else out there which the Reds fervor All four teams there's there's another game possibly and an view can't ignore that so and that way it is a little bit number that Dan kicks off in for eastern the second semifinals features number two Alabama and third seed in Michigan State at the cotton ball elsewhere Cal quarterback Jarrett Goth expected to declare Philly NFL draft a hold a news conference on Thursday to officially announce his plans has really NFL Brian Hoyer will be back under center for the Texans Sunday when they welcome in Jacksonville Johnny men still has a concussion he likely mom played for the Browns against Pittsburgh and Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith announced till postponed his retirement come back and play.