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An Innovative And Inexpensive Product Any Mother Can Craft

Sierra Magazine's lifestyle editor Avital Andrews talks about an Eco friendly and cheap product homeless mothers learn how to make, through the nonprofit organization Bright Endeavors.

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" It creates this great looking product and what it does for the women, it trains them to do a skill, to have a craft."

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I came up with a theme of using, of recommending upcycled products that help people all around the world get out of poverty. I know that sounds really specific, but these products are just gorgeous. For anyone that doesn't know the difference between upcycled  and recycled, recycled means that it's a product that used to be something else. Got melted down, or kind of melded in some other way into something else. Upcycled means you take the actual material that's already there, you don't really change it too much, but you make it into something else where you can actually kind of see what the former product used to be. - So a good example of this. I think it's so great to see how you can reuse some of these products in ways that are innovative and the design is really cool. You have like a long burning candle. - Yea, that's encased in like half a used glass bottle. - Which is really cool looking. - Yea, I love that one. I picked products from around the world, and that's actually one from the United States. It's a program, it's a program in Chicago called Bright Endeavors that recruits and trains women, mostly homeless, mostly homeless new mothers. So they've all got little ones, and they're all you know just trying to stay afloat. And they teach them how to cut bottles in half, either soda or beer bottles, and fill them with scented soy wax. So, the wax itself is Eco friendly. And it creates this great looking product and what it does for the women, it trains them to do a skill, to have a craft. The proceeds go towards helping keep them afloat and helping them find a better job. So, it's just this great, Eco friendly product that also helps low income mothers in Chicago.