Listen: "Cavaliers over the Kings one twenty, one eleven"

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Maddie Meyer
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Defensive end Olivier Vernon on a five year deal fourth eighty-five million dollars with fifty-two million Africa two point five billion in guaranteed money the Buccaneers re signed running back Doug Martin to a five year deal worth more than forty-five million dollars now it to the NBA with The Warriors beat the Jazz one fifteen ninety-four that's forty six straight home wins now for the NBA champs cavaliers over the Kings won twenty won eleven starter won twenty Clippers one away the tripple double for Russell Westbrook Rockets over the Sixers one eighteen one oh four Fox one fourteen he want to wait the Celtics over the Grizzlies one sixteen ninety-six Boston has won fourteen straight at home hornets one twenty-two Pelicans one thirteen pistons over the Mavericks one oh two ninety-six Min next you're down the signs one twenty-eight ninety-seven college basketball page they truly final wholly Crosby Lehigh fifty-nine fifty-six only cross of fourteen in nineteen just the twentieth team since nineteen eighty-five.