Listen: "I'm sure they desire to play is still there for Peyton Manning, as we saw last Monday at his press conference"

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Doug Pensinger
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With some jump odds right when I threw the bottom of the net out scenario for you the Week thirteen start Len think Flip put a phone call and Payton to come out the retirement they could happen never say never Joe never say never but it up but you know I'm sure they desire to play is still there for Peyton Manning as we saw last Monday does press conference one I don't know exactly what he'll be doing next year Terms of work but those rumors are still going to remain out there absolutely the very be all rested going into the playoffs the Bell and yet there's any kind of a limp it all owned Gold get to be made well alone since Ackley got its you know and enjoy the rest your banana on the Sunday but we'll see exactly where The Broncos quarterback scenario is an I have a hard time think that now wary is rest in the year was Sanchez underway adding Sanchez is a security blanket just in case the situation gets even worse than it is right now and he's going to go out there and trying to find himself up a veteran quarterback that he trusts little bit more and they're out there we'll see being get the deal done and he's been after Capra Nicholas If cap and where he does indeed and Dop but you're not the only one about I think right after NFL free agency began and word came down that Osweiler was tend to Houston I into were already right stories about Peyton Manning come back the Denver Broncos so that's not going to those got a story.