Listen: "With Tim Duncan, with Tony Parker, with Manu Ginobili, those guys who are the heart, the soul"

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Chris Covatta
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Coming up short one eleven thirty one that's my favorite part with those Joni on the Spurs radio network because I frequently yet the crazy names all mixed up and down will say I different family members name and so thank you don't at least I'm not the only one I can definitely put why not welcome why not as because he had a bruised quad and in the third quarter he leads with thirty-two points after he makes have free throw that's why the final quarter unhappy doesn't sound like this Burns are all that concerned I didn't foul it after the game the doctors didn't go rush to ease aid but why didn't come back and play gets Miami the rest of the way and yet he still tied his career-high at thirty-two I can not wait to see him and LaMarcus Aldridge on the stage because as much as we associate the Spurs with Gregg Popovich of course with Tim Duncan and with Tony Parker with Manu Ginobili doesn't the guys who are the heart the soul they've been the blood sweat and tears for the Spurs for so long fact is the muscle if now provide Mica Y lettered and the markets Aldridge made become that the focus both Goff fans and the defense looking forward to it seeing other read these last few games the regular season who knows if we have to teams they go undefeated at home but we have to more games between the Spurs and The Warriors and I hope we saw the comments from Steve Kerr head coach of The Warriors said with their record on the line as well as my guys have played they have earned the right to have a say in whether they play are whether they fit I like that from Steve Kerr He has this record belongs to the players and of them along to the French either doesn't belong to the team it belongs to these guys and have a feel good and they want to take their record and they want to go out and do what I'm going to cut down on little allowed him to play which I think is refreshing if they want the record they worked is hard for it their bodies feel good Don't make an fix it I don't want to put it and coming Calgary they're not going to want to fit now they need out Andre Iguodala back and healthy and you're Bogut always goes thirties physical ups and downs in so you want to careful with him bested is really nice to get back but above the rest the guys want to play this is gonna give them a second at a wall radio was Reagan by me on Twitter eight five five two one two fourteen two seven maybe it after hours of eighty Lawrie to CBS Sports Radio.