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Listen: "Donald Trump is taking issue with former republican presidential candidates"

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Justin Sullivan
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Donald Trump is taking issue with former republican presidential candidates who now that he's the parties presumptive nominees say they won't support him from today on NBC's meet the press Jeb Bush signed an eight play and binding pledge Lindsay Grimes signed a binding Fletcher they would indoor said they would support in adores that's one says now they're break invests in honor you know a question of honor Congress of North Koreas workers party has given that country's leader Jong on greater power over the North Korean nuclear arsenal responded well rippling that combined with the fact that he's elected all new party leadership a lot of his inner circle have been per urged in recent years people that might not a fun thing he deserved to be the supreme leader he's got rid of all those people now the new party nears should basically clears the past for came John and to do whatever he wants when it comes to the nuclear pro and several former spike Chiefs in the UK are encouraging fellow Britain's devoted keep their nation in the European union is a their agencies in British security benefit from intelligence shared by hornets.