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Listen: "An immune recovery facility that offers advanced research-based alternative medicines" 

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Joe Raedle
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The doctor you'll be able log on it here live streaming audio of the show next now or don't miss let's talk about America's premier center for Alternative Medicine that would be son Ridge Medical Center it's not heard of medical treatment center and immune recovery facility that offers advantage research based Alternative Medicine report people who have broken immune system and that would be people with cancer I let me under the low post multiple sclerosis some chronic problem right you're not getting older using conventional medical care is just not hitting the mark and you're getting worse or you're afraid even get started because you know you'll get worse I understand they're physicians that's not bridge Medical Center utilized scientific practices nature of having medicine Olynyk Alternative Medicine and traditional Madison and also provide alternative treatments to bring your body back to functioning the way it was met two with professional competent and compassionate care for their patience their entire staff is committed to helping you the patient reach your health goals using the leading edge treatment that effectively treat the root cause of the onus and not just reek the symptoms only it's a combination of traditional Madison nature of having medicine holistic Alternative Medicine using the scientific practices check out there website he what they do you have it fits for you ever done rigid medical dot com.