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Listen: "The game in Super Bowl but they made it easy"

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Michael Heiman
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The game in Super Bowl but they made it easy and that's been that's been so I could be more well what's it like to get that news to Tim recognize that you were gonna be part of two of the biggest games on the entire Super Bowl are the entire football season story and I found out probably two months ago I think it's been awhile couple weeks and months and not exactly sure when or but it was a long time before he was made public and so what he knocked me down and I got here Newsome somebody who I you know really from close with and he's been a big part of my success at CBS News Give me a lot of chances but seeing on paper when they did release it that passed almost admiral or do you dance I did not now rounding I ever will that his heart and say this on I don't I wanna know the clear or gender that Nance and I've heard a lot of different versions that before I started having all over the place but I was just you know pretty excited and happy to be no telling people I love my parents and be AFC Championship I've heard people who were in the stadium described as the the most tense atmosphere they've ever been a part of in-person despite you could feel that tension there was palpable they're not sure where you on the field but what would your perspective end and what did you feel being there in the final stages when I'm sure you've seen the number sixty three million people were watching around the world and then of course the stadium itself assists on consider Nieto and it's a great point I'm glad you brought up becomes having now done in two years and been in college stadiums and they've been sports ran it in and a bunch of big events you would allow danced in most tense environment I've experience ended it with unbelievable I mean I think symmetrically it had a huge effect in the game depends of what Denver was able to do is pass from here's the silent count all those things but is an environment in which we non-stop and I always tell when and again blue behind occurred but I've P is bigger piece we have one radio in studio but on the field and I don't wear a double one cause I like peppers three-year listen in the things I did crank it because I could hear the guys in the booth in the producer in those big moments because he was just so wow I think my fear is always that whole beast so locked into the Prep in the work parliament I won't enjoy you enjoy the Islanders I wish I've done better year you bring up and it's it's a great point I've tried to make a point each Sunday at least at some point to just think man this is this is their job this is only win cool ever you know forget but that's the case even if it's the travel event of the work we've assessing the nerves maybe give me hired exactly we're also live well bank some other stuff like you thank you thank them I doing Austin job banks having him Jimmy you Evan wash burn.