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Listen: "twitter takes over Thursday Night Fooball!"

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Alex Goodlett
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Thursday Night Football you'll be able to go to what they want trust me they will catch up to you they will tweet T you non stop on Thursday night and then you will push the Wake and it will take you the game when you'll be able to get it fullscreen all whatever device you have the the the great luxury of that and white's we're so much money he is if you're following that sight you're follow it twenty-four seven you're not just following it for the game and then shoving and often the game is over so now they Ken fee you advertisements non stop twenty-four seven and you see on Twitter right now you get a lot of it right so that would be my guess that that's worth the big money in this thing is butts all about money once again and this is what Roger Goodell is really good and we can pitch about you know discipline we can pitch about Aaron and footballs he's terrible at that he lives on a few guys Notices NFL packages she on the game's I don't need anymore no you wanna go see Thursday they don't missing ten games on Twitter thursday night's it's not let's not even All Thursday night it's just the CBS and NBC games on Thursday that that would be too and games because they're trying to reach people I think that wouldn't necessarily have access to regular television keyboard in watching those gave the NFL Network they're protecting those games those are going to be streamed on Twitter but they were to get there making a big rights fee for it because they got you know Facebook another involved in it and in the bidding for taken money and they're still going to strain might think Yahoo or somebody still been a stream goes Sunday morning games but it's all about the Wendell's right now isn't I mean we were you D watching cable any watch would give the device yeah I watch sports on cable among those all time but he will but he but he has careful typically last year the last night where you with Carolina.