Listen: "We're talking to Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones"

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Rich Schultz
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There are probably people who would say that number of us did last night yeah Mike runner Colby Davidson and Danny Bayless can be heard right here on The Ticket Monday through Friday from three to seven PM I'm John Fay he end up next on the top tonight ascension to Norm Hicks gifts and Donovan Lewis we're talking to Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones Summit take it back to the first round of the draft one AP correct to say that for a lot of the time leading up to the draft that is think you'll Elliott a very very fine player don't wish the second goes that Boyer and all Steven but wouldn't be correct to say the throw a good portion of time he was not the number one player on your board that's right we don't even pulled up for a board In Final grade everything so the report Haiti football but it was really started getting into the process he would in the mix but they want just that why not applaud are crew for keeping everything it up how much disagreement over that pick was they're in the room before you settled on Elie global it is they're able last all in that situation it I know purple suspected that spirit last call in that the troops yes it is that his body always has been the tie breaker you know as well explained here are here you know we try to get a consent you know off push I should get out there really is because of his son you know on it now board right so that we can ultimately you know have everybody in the right position we have what is now the spot study the Mike's position where it well on the couch it in the third you know whatever position it is it it until I'm there's a group with three or four looks struggling with battle it out of sequence some then they'll get together and then of course you know like it and the you know you got to take it defensive player over an off if the player running back go for a quarterback girl one I meant they're not good you know pick both great pick in their figure it out and on OKC did a good job with this staff them.