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Listen: " I don't think so I think Tom Brady would go in there"

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Nick Laham
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This moment as much me you can it if you want to do right in ending This is the ending that you're right everybody wants to have that no one wants to end their career on a loss how many guys get to do that to end their career with a championship and the fact the John Elway who did it in the same place is that would executive there I mean it doesn't get any Colo. The now I agree that's a cool moment and you still won't think about how you goal-line your part In a lot because a guy who was taken every last dollar I got his entire career you know something that never gets brought up is Tom Brady's always taken pay cuts left and right brightest grip it Peyton Manning has taken every last dollar Roy took the pain this this year he took a paid in his last nine he's been asked me in OK and he made it back you have to be asked the I don't think so I think Tom Brady would go in there and take a big I don't know how I have to as a slow with thing about doing the you say I'm sure you got to discuss those things don't go in there and willingly give your money away money goldschmidt in an took I'm on your side but I just don't like how he's he's just it's too much now it's too much with his blind himself pop I mean if he'd be starts the one Budweiser commercial now like on a regular basis but only other nonsense that he does than that just get it's going to be disappointing but I don't know I don't know why if ease if you just the go out and have me a few beers that would been better tennis in a name to but he said Budweiser he said again he said the second time the part I can understand but yes I was the Denver defense that they got there's Don then and Cam Newton and looked nothing like the end DP that we saw throughout the regular season was all about the pressure and and that's what is the great neutralizing factor we've seen it in this game before we just talked about Eli Manning and go back to that first Super Bowl that Eli Manning won in two thousand and seven against the New England Patriots who had lost again this was enough fans that was unbeatable it was on stopping will they were the one of the greatest OTT fans we ever saw and what happened in that game what happened was Osi human your and Justin talk so wanted so for his pass rush that the Giants had neutralize that so you know what people look at how you build the D fans it's so easy it's getting after the quarterback now it's not easy to get great players led by Miller but that's the formula right there are bigger to spend on draft picks her spent on guys and get after the quarterback because the trickle-down effect from that is didn't your corners are so much better because if you're linebacker just so much better because of in so wants again was or anyone that you know him and Philly Brown young player out there with anyone that was really threatening to that secondary and the answer is no and then Brown goes out and so those guys are a little lockdown all the receivers for Carolina Noah was getting open including gain an O's who was an open So did that the hell that pass rush and allow him to really get after a Cam Newton and then what do you slot to once again he was Latin Americans the markets where he had two sacks in the ball going you going to slot the Vonn Miller you to one ahead a defensive been beat him be pretty so warning you focus on when you got that type of talent and you got a in defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and kudos to wait goes out of the game a year ago comes back and he leads the the Broncos to their first ever number one defense during the regular season and then he's able to dial up the correct type of formula to shut down noon so that's a great job by Hill role should never musing about how do you stop him yo dijo spot well you get a multitude of things he spied him at times didn't really bullets in that much the red games up front so he did an excellent job.