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Listen: "Purdue, that would surprise me"

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Michael Hickey
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Well one job me one Jana me in this as you say okay Maryland Shane Willie right and when shot to make Miami when shot you surprise should right now so why not much Purdue I was always a resident that is getting those for fragility good league-best will team well Oklahoma yeah where she debut now or you didn't know a North Carolina he was Regina their defense no I'm in a game it was shape show More reached show more in the ballpark of fifteen teams have a legitimate chance of winning this June I see that fears he never before have my thought the number to be that big this year it's adapting to me was in North Carolina for as good as they are and as impressive as they were against three Jimmy uneasy championship game earlier on Saturday in Vin loss in round two would you really be surprised so with Jimmy shot No but even if they go out there and while he's each has an off night they do most but then simple they did Oklahoma but he'll it's no with him second round before for the first weekend shock you know that's all those teams age is named none of them Jimmy would shock me if they want to turn it also with the exception of a couple I wouldn't be shocked if those teams didn't get so we can number two he yes it is this is an issue state Don't look too so we can those two Geno is the second weekend I'm dumbfounded anybody else North Carolina is way do other level as talent to be belittle win this thing but I think they've got to guide Marcus Paige always got it was only and if he's also so we kinda can show Bob that eight seed in game number two good job open bite a five five two one two for CBS event five two one two four two two seven zero gym in Illinois Jimmy on CBS Sports Radio.