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Listen: "What are some of the key signs if somebody is having a stroke"

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What are some of the key if somebody is having a stroke signs a stroke include the sudden inability to move for feel the face are more leg the sudden ability to speak or the sudden loss of Fisher how this time played a factor in the treatment of stroke time is very important because the longer symptoms of stroke are occurring without treatment the more damage is occurring to the brain and the less chance we have as physicians to help patients recover now I think a lot of people think that stroke primarily happens in the elderly that's not necessarily true Is it well these days ago it depends on how defined elder most strokes and do occur in patients were over sixty-five but up to one third of strokes Curran Younger patience what can people due to minimize their risk for struck stroke is mostly associated with high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes and smoking so it's very important that people not smoke and that they treat is medical conditions with their primary care for doctor is aggressively is possible healthy diet than exercise is also very important ups to minimize the risk of stroke as well as Street blood pressure diabetes in cholesterol got to fit Simmons thanks so much for being with us today learn more about stroke and Niro basket or programs by visiting freighter dot com slash stroke or calling one eight hundred.