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Doug Pensinger
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But Shaw to heal in Detroit your ninety-seven won a ticket it's up to me two it was so so it yeah I did one opponent on the signing yesterday I think you know a lot of people might complained that you know maybe Marvin Jones with a little or no already not to look a little bit over Tate in my opinion whip I can't going out and just what the market PK I think you lose Hill and you know I'm not enter great players but the al you love what they getting I look awful pick I like I thought it was a little a little over Price but you know what you're which is what I thought about Nate Burleson too Manning and it ending would go to United might finally got more guaranteed in Golden Tate but yet the realized that one exactly different than it was just two years ago but think unexpected and we don't lie I understand how he will the Bottom Line this year I knew I didn't or Dallas combo calling pain given up we Dick would operate you can't give up that I have no quarterback you have no shot it felt like that two thousand light ravens would like to only example waiting at like no quarterback two others the Avila Tampa Bay one man Brad Johnson is not exactly a great quarterback but the problem is their queue the team is not going to be that good even with Matthew Stafford cause you were the reason you you think about making a trade is not in my mind so much in knock on Matthew Stafford is that you need more picks you need more money to build up the offense is offensive line of the defensive line which wins championships Monk and you can do that with eight I Matthew Stafford type quarterback but without Matthew Stafford tied money right and think of this to you know Matthew Stafford for all that he's done and you know I don't lines fans are intrigue badly guy we have a seven year resume of Matthew Stafford so if you want to go someplace else and light it up by be funny because I believe that we've seen what Matthew Stafford is here at the same time though we get the stick attacks like this is great at nine seven one three six I can't believe you more runs are saying it to make a call to trade Stafford thank God you idiots or not GM's freaking Osweiler got eighteen million dollars there's another one you guys are missing the point is my favorite when it's not Stafford's fault that they're not winning defense wins championships look at The Broncos where some funny how about two years ago met a great defense one of the best historic run bright defenses ever correct yeah and what they win what they do against good teams what they do when New England well lineup when you at Arizona They lost the Drew Stanton you know what are they doing a playoff game.