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Listen: "But those are the throws Peyton Manning can make effectively"

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Ezra Shaw
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Of throwing the ball I don't think that there really keep the ball doing that right now yet not that you're an expert on you know physical arm straight but you've looked enough film from Peyton Manning over the years and even this season member was bench dubious heard Weeden even ofI play again what have you seen Greg on on film to to illustrate what his arm strength is and how that affects this game Well I think Krispy off-screen point don't trade for disagrees move we know what's not the same as it was for five six years ago he doesn't have a strong arm he has to throw with great anticipation a great guy oh and understanding of the defense so I think we know all that so the question is what kind of those Could he make effectively and I think the the most vulgar talking about those in the middle of the field between the numbers on the field in no Carolina will know that is well that's obviously a streak of their defense but the loser the throws Peyton Manning can make effectively so you have to design round concepts that allow you to make those throws North Carolina is a pretty dominant zone team so you not getting a lot of surprises necessarily with Carolina well all these little you're saying that when teams have two weeks could they do tweak some things and make some changes but thrived this year they've been a pretty dominant zone coverage team tied with great coast sell NFL found great what about it if Brady had a problem with Danvers defense arguably one of the best passes of all time why would cam Newton not have the same problems well it's gonna be different because the way Karolina throws the ball is totally different Caroline is what we call a protection First Team and New England was not doing one blocked a lot with body where's Carolina low block with six and seven Andy so it will be a different kind of task teams they will protective first they've done that all year long they have reach seven mean protection concept which she you see every single week so it's a different matchup in a was when Denver defense played a win-win Johnston the first running game you talk about with with Carolina there often supply and maybe they don't get along the headlines would where he ranked them Carolina's O line yes I think they're really cohesive you know I think a legal at center is really athletic he's he's one of the most athletic centers in the league think there go to think honor and right guard is is on his way to becoming one of the best George in the league's but it's a really cohesive.