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Listen: "Nobody wanted Syracuse in the tournament, and now here they are in the Sweet Sixteen"

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Joe Robbins
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You could make a case for almost any of the sixteen to make a little run here and make things very interesting I mean Syracuse nobody wanted Syracuse in the tournaments and now here they are in the Sweet Sixteen can sag I'm or Ryu and I sitting there and people were questioning whether they can win their own conference tournament both you and I thought that they code in consecutive are now good zagging they can beat Syracuse yeah Umm then they would play their Virginia or Iowa State those teams are beatable they can saga Bulldogs earn eleven and I could see them in the final for that it would not be a stretch by any case was concert was a team that everybody had pretty much done early in the Big ten season Bowl Ryan stepped down now they're This Week sixteen when a absolutely could beat Notre Dame and if North Carolina or Indiana whoever moves on their Wisconsin can be the first to do so you know that's a team that you get in their seventh and I don't see them that much further down the some of the others the based on the way that they play there are tough match up so yeah it's very much open a Maryland was a team the thought some people thought we number one in the nation yeah there are five seed Kansas will have their hands full so it's going to be great man it's going to be great in the first weekend is the best for me because I love the small school's beating the big schools I always find that a lot of fun and great stories about team's you've never heard offer I haven't paid attention to but now here we go with these big names I hope that that people listen to a some bought tickets to the NCAA tournaments Scottrade hope that it's back someday you do get a chance to see history in like we said you could see major up setter to Middle Tennessee State be Michigan State and we had a Buzzer Beater with Wisconsin's we had a little bit of everything at Scottrade you know hand as we see like a Middle Tennessee.