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Katy Perry's At Your Door. What Would You Do?

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Christopher Polk
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I've never had that happen that happen alright well i'm a mention you're a student at you when you're trying to get some sleep on a saturday night and someone just keeps knocking on your door that would kind of this you often i think so what if you open your door and it was katy perry i would be good with yeah i think a lot of people would all she went through out the door mse knocking on to arms to drum up support for hillary clinton now it katy perry do you mean miley cyrus no i mean katy perry really and i'll tell you why because there was a un lp she words featured that said nasty woman after donald trump's debate comment about hillary and she ben did a rally on campus some pretty good however miley cyrus did the same thing jordan torre saturday at george mason university in virginia george mason got so ripped off yeah that's what i'm saying.