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Listen: "NFL Draft hopeful who doesn't really need the NFL money"

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Jonathan Daniel
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It was won by a period of our tail if you want to be an Olympic advocate no other Olympic really co competed at other NFL only You Can Play plus changing the week his process of selecting sites to host the World Cup right now there's something like five thousand Mike Winters working on tournaments related infrastructure here live in the forty found more so we're they're going to be Houle and how they can be the real challenge than in the NFL Draft hopeful who doesn't really need the NFL money you know Benjamin probably doctor Sunday but he is going to pursue this passionate being an NFL player as long as he possibly can and one overseas prospect who could turn Scouting on its ear of Moses success in the NFL I think opened up possibilities thank you all over the world seated they actually no might have a shot of playing in the NFL this is the sporting life on ESPN Radio and the ESPN here's Jeremy Shattuck welcome to another additions sporting three of later in the show conversation with Matthew whether The Wall Street Journal that you want players that money sports the first it's time for straight talk brought you by straight up wireless best phones best networks half the cost the NFL Draft.