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Prevent Holiday Madness With These Travel Tips

Travel expert and author of 'America's Top Roller Coasters and Amusement Parks', Pete Trabucco shares some helpful travel tips in preparation for the holiday season.

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"Use ... travel sites, like Orbitz and Priceline and so on, in order to make the trip a little bit easier."

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As a travel specialist Pete, what are the general rules that you have about overcoming obstacles and challenges that go along with holiday travel? Do you have like a general checklist or advice for people about going out and traveling during the holidays? - Well, remember always book early. Anything that you try to do, always try to book early. You will find, you know, in the local papers, in circulars, and in the convenient stores, you'll find specials for trips. Of course, you'll find Disney, Universal, and Sea World and even the Cedar Fair locations will have specials. But I always say book early. You know, use you know, travel sites, like Orbitz and Priceline and so on, in order to make the trip a little bit easier, and things can all be clumped together in order to make that easier. But remember, once you start to book your trip, and your family's getting in that car going to the airport, just know that your trip starts as soon as you leave the house. And that means, going through security and everything along those lines. Just take it one step at a time. If you've got kids, you know make sure that they know that they might get checked at the airport. It's nothing, it's more a game to them. Try to make it a game, so that way they won't get too upset because there's nothing worse than having, you know, as you're driving, or flying to your location that you have issues.