Listen: "Chris Paul had twenty-five points"

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Jamie Squire
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Points all of eighteen from the field update in a two game lead on played in his first round series you're final Cavaliers one seven here's the ninety John Michael on Cavaliers radio LeBron James from thing twenty-seven points elsewhere and now I have the Clippers over the Blazers went on to anyone Chris Paul I twenty-five points to clinch take it to doubling Series later and the Heat down two zero upon the Hornets after a one fifteen one oh three wins we nueva had twenty-eight points warriors Durant Steph Curry practiced on Wednesday remains questionable for Game three against the Rockets because of an ankle injury with fuels the former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau as their new head coach and president of basketball operations they also made versus is the GM Scott laden as their new General Manager sad news for basketball former Syracuse star for Washington passed away at the age of fifty-two following a battle with a brain tumor the Stanley Cup playoffs the stars in the Wild were tied at two in the event d league.