Listen: "Steph Curry makes them a completely different team"

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Ezra Shaw
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Mariani Howard great thank you first up a big big bad our net have you've been downtown get very everyday every morning and the Big Bad thank you buy that I got a lot like Anze that I living young found the net that get Lake White between cleat right in Pittsburgh aligned that's where my mom told side of the family is from all that goal but I actually yeah you know there's a lot of cat and that area and the right there I have to tell yell at the No the depth Curry hate it or real thing I can't tell you how much time hearing that but grind even the real MVP to there's no more valuable than him and bid you don't want to make become so they can argue what are your thoughts on it news first up by league hear that the broad and that but if you're defender it's huge are well a lot when coughed up very a better defender he actually had to even the hired the best in the NBA rating as well you know them a Braun and the second quite a bit always here is well well you know look when haven't won the bronze let Cleveland they had nineteen weight and no one more valuable than him that one number one you can't can't get behind that input that got it eight more years ago and also if you look at it that the value of a replay been player Jeff Curry actually had the highest in the league bungled Brock no I get up here but banking on a bang so much listening to the spots that would be whose got the trophy I mean he was who's got the trophy it was unanimous so all of those people all of those people who voted they're all does biased for Steph Curry I mean come on Wieters thought he's in that we've never seen before from Steph never seen before and we didn't get a team without him in the playoffs and while they still won a couple of those games fact is Steph Curry make them a completely different came and take them to hone other level even self you're going to wear yourself out having that argument who's got the trophy and maybe not until the Fed let me NBA Finals again maybe we don't know that to be sure but wealthy now be fun I love it went to teams that got history remember it wasn't that long ago heat first back-to-back NBA Finals I think mostly more got aboard within didn't want to be edge I was thrilled I like it when there's history I like it when the two teams might have some bad blood alright let's see what else can we do here Robert plus thing in Houston welcomed after our CBS Sports Radio.