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Listen: Imagining what a source who wants the stock markets while gyrations

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Imagining what a source who wants the stock markets while gyrations as a late reacting to news from China and the slumping oil prices there could also be significant responses from investors following terrorist attacks James glass minute Kepley nurse personal fine it's magazine has been looking at investing in a time of terror James give us some insight these kinds of things like people scared and so and but what is really remarkable is if you look at the history of terse attacks and other major disruptions what you find is that the terms convening i age so quickly the decline in the markets and inoperable brain not very much and then the markets bounced back in other words there really isn't really isn't much affect from individual terrorist attacks band I also conclude from the way I look at the markets began historically that the markets are prepared for such a venture well it is that as a result D D the disruptions of just attach already Bill enter prices so that's why they don't go down that much about how can that be well I think it does the market said to say the millions of people bonds of stocks are pretty observant pretty smart so when they look around the world the Macy's things like you know the two thousand four Madrid subway bombing stayed the nine eleven attacks the two thousand seven loved it's broadened subway bombings they realize these kinds of things a gonna continue happened and so they have marked prices Dannel in according to age and so when they do happened that all mark some than any further so that's that's that's my analysis I mean when you look at Ted specific of them like but take the Boston marathon bombings I mean that was a that was a a a pretty shocking of bad an you had with scene so we need to markets were down just two percent out and then they bounced back this is very very typical we so so the same thing with Sam but do you know and so The discount in my opinion Saudi Bill into the market so my mind that she's you get it is don't get overlay worried about this it may be that they're suing Thunder companies that were you could my particular really suffer bride ingenue all it's not so touches judges airlines but it's nothing to worry about her winter wrote a longer term and not worry about this individual disruptions you know it's interesting to me then based on what you've said what is big day in and what is not be kinda example oil in China right now right I guess what these Erck considered would fluid situations and not McConnell won office like a like a terrorist incident might be on the single day well you know I would I really think that they said these kinds of these kinds of things are anticipating so what's happening in China yes it's exactly markets in United States but not any major degree and I wouldn't expect Bennett wooden expected to Danny major degree I know there is something I I written about many times that are grown interested in which is called maybe when the risk and became an ID age sleep her note and risk and which is named after Frank night who's great economist in the nineteen twenties MPs website not a rise in their risk that weakened we know look back out and those is kind of a normal risky ups and downs in the stock market as well as the kinds of then so we are no experiencing on that kind of regular basis on court so much with their these birds from the blue kind of that we don't know about and it can't be buildings market those those things to worry that makes James James glass been a couple years personal fine it's.