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Listen: "Donald Trump is the nominee for his party"

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Darren McCollester
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Ninety nine ten forty is the tax line there was a hash tag campaign that began over the weekend called never Trump and it never Trump is a hash tag campaign in which people who are conservatives or registered Republicans declared that they will not support Donald Trump if he is the Republican nominee PERIOD it culminated this morning with a statement by Senator Ben SAS senator SAS is the young Republican from Nebraska he's considered to be an up in calmer in the conservative movement and he says if Donald Trump is the nominee for his party the Republican party he will not supportive here is his open letter to Trump supporters that he released this morning to my friends supporting Donald Trump senator SAS as the Trump coalition is broaden complicated but I believe many Trump fans are well-meaning I have spoken at linked with many of you Both ends inside and outside Nebraska you are rightly worried about our national direction you hate about a cronie Capitalist leadership class that is not urgent about tackling are crises you are right to be angry Ben SAS continues I was frustrated and saddened is you our about what's happening in our country but I can not support Donald Trump Ben SAS continues please understand I'm not an establishment Republican and I will never support Hillary Clinton I'm Moe movement conservative who was elected over the objections of the geo P establishment Mike Kurt answer for who I would support and hypothetical match up between Mr. trumpet misses Clinton is neither of them I sincerely hope we select one of the other Joe P candidates but if Donald Trump ends up as the geo P nominee conservatives will need to find a third option senator Ben SAS of Nebraska he closes out his statement Mr. trumps relentless focus is on dividing Americans in on tearing down rather than building backup this glorious nation much like President Obama.