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Listen: "Would like to go in the Jets'"

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TJ Root
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Let's go that you're calls which of these available que bees that were talking about tonight would you want on your team Collin Kapur neck who once out of the Bay Area an would like to go in the Jets' all the means right now of cap in Jets costumes Third limit disconcerting he's not there yet people settle down RG three who is also likely to be available may be by trade But the Redskins are not keeping them again next year An that in addition to that Johnny men's l will be free very soon it's been leaked I'm sure it wasn't in accidents the Browns want everyone to know they are done with the one Johnny man's out i don't know if you guys saw the statement from saw she Brown even as the NFL is investigating this latest incident with man's el Brown released a statement we've been clearer about expectations for players all on and off the field Johnny is continually involvement in incident that runs counter to those expectations undermine the hard work and his teammates in the reputation of our organization his status with our team will be addressed when permitted by legal rules we will have no further comment at this time in other words he's a joke Andes bring our entire organization down At A Law Radio Alright let's go it's Rick inn Virginia You're up next here on after hours CBS Sports Radio.