Listen: "Basically won the Super Bowl for the them, and got them to the playoffs"

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Patrick Smith
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Coming up around seven forty this morning as a college troops is getting quite need deep it will all come down tonight Jon in Fort Lauderdale wanted to share of thought the morning John you're the jockey take show NY Giants stars brought goes on but we say about the guys leading the details I understand the difference in positions but that doesn't fate the won the Super Bowl for the men got them to the playoffs they won a lot of games you know how could you leave it defense and break it up you know Brock he takes the money I think you know I think each ace I think he chase the money to but the think the thing is with that defenses the is like a peer if you're talking about going to if Jacksonville's going to throw what fifteen million a year action yeah it there there's stupid money and then there is if if he went to if he went to the Houston for may be eight million more guaranteed ten million more guaranteed I would think you could still get that that there would have been ways to be able to get that or to be able to stay with an organization that is a proven winner guys with their whole career to get to good teams but you know to me out I wonder I know I did you think Brock Osweiler is going to Houston in going to be a top ten or twelve starter in the NFL no I don't think so I don't either I just I might I'm not really having really sure either based that money in get that money well yeah but I also think that under a guy like Elway and with they organization like the Denver Broncos you may be asked to do less you may you make you may get be able to get to be more of a game manager I didn't where the there may night in the play fans what they did with pain he wasn't near the quarterback Shorter yeah I mean Peyton was pain was a shadow of Peyton and they managed to win thanks to call appreciate it the Fort Lauderdale not appear place to be specimen that extra our sunlight that's not a bad thing either the you wanna get in you can eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four CBS Capitalist so it Brock Osweiler decided to go for the money if that was his plan cash.