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Listen: "Everybody is picking Angels for doom and gloom, what's going to happen do you think that will surprise people"

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Bob Levey
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<silence> it always sports where the passion flashed union's Elias Co. on the Beast nine may be Jose moat of the great Angel broadcast Jose you there and I am he's still play forever may well there's been a pretty deep show so far like I keep up with the round OK and we kind of got off the tracks all summer everybody is to the Angels for doom and gloom what what's going to happen you think that will surprise people what with the Angels do that will surprise him who are what is going to have the people expected the one thing that with the rotation you have a guy like Jered Weaver was the final year of a contract You have another guy and sees a Wilson also final year of his contract and he have you know you're eight nine deepen our rotation onto me once again we know where world modern baseball you know Bill very well that none of the five guys making thirty three stars of this doesn't happen anymore and I think the end of the prudence over the good position again like last season with the pitching to give themselves a chance I mean to think about a vision because of right you're firth three games but are they won three more games with the Angels Houston Astros only took the projections of the were just talking about school predictive the Astros to be in the playoffs last year so some for you know list they were metrics and all the great things that have to the games there are some things you can not measure and Hall guys are going to perform between the White lines and the end of it we have a lot of question marks there's on building we can not ignore that brought and that to me that comes I'm on the offensive side of consistency just like it was last year well I think it did reached a fever pitch at the end of last week when the columns or coming out about trading Mike Trout it's it's become total lunacy so I guess let's camp out there for a moment Gather even one sack Kent where they would entertain the thought of getting rid of a Mike Trout not going to happen.